We Love to Build Odyssey Development has a long history of guiding the design construction of luxury homes in the Northland.  Our portfolio of luxury, vacation and resort homes is valued at $85 million dollars.  Our focus has always been in quality, livability and timeliness.  We are in the unique position to relate to you as a homeowner, because we have been in the position of designing and building our own properties time and time again.

Our luxury home building team has grown out of what we identified as a need in the Duluth area.  When you work directly with most area builders, you will meet at the tailgate of a pick-up, and as for the myriad of details and selections — well with them, you’re on your own.  Yet, the location of each light fixture and the intricacies of every trim detail are important.  After all, this is your dream home.  As your qualified professional working on-site, Odyssey will be your eyes and ears giving answers and directions on your behalf.  You will know what decisions you need make, and we will handle the rest for you.

Odyssey has worked with numerous architectural firms and subcontractors in the Duluth area.  We know of good firms who can cost effectively, and on schedule, provide the quality craftsmanship you deserve.

Home building is a journey — sometimes long and often arduous.  Odyssey will be your guide to lead the way and make this a special time for you and your family.

Full Service: Design, Construction, Real Estate